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This lockdown caught us unprepared…

This lockdown caught us unprepared. More for my child because she had a well chalked out routine.

So, it was important for me that her transition from this extremely busy schedule to being locked in her home was seamless. Therefore, I added extra screen time to her routine. However, I make sure we watch the classics or films that I grew up watching, which had educational value to them.

In doing so, I have realized she has started to enjoy content that kids her age wouldn’t normally watch. And this has helped her keep the energies positive.

We have written a book during this time and illustrated it too. This apart, we’ve been working on designing costumes with whatever material available I had on hand.

Apart from ensuring her needs are met, I also try and give importance to my routine as well because I was used to my space while she went to School.

The balance of this regime is making us aligned and centred, allowing us to deepen our bond as not only mother-daughter but more as friends.

Poonam Bhardwaj is a Podcaster and a Theatre Artist, along side she is also founder of Khidmat Freelancing Services for start ups and mother to 8 year old Parthivi.

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