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Connecting with self using Mindful Pottery

Mindful pottery is for everyone and to people who are experiencing any stress, anxiety or any negative emotions in their daily life and looking for an avenue to regulate their emotions. 

Humanisinglives collaborated with Rashmi Singh who is UNESCO certified Expressive Art Therapist in order to combine aspects of neuropsychology with clay art to create a robust therapeutic experience. Throughout the pottery session, the focus was more on the process rather than the end product. The workshop aimed at helping the participants understand themselves and manage their negative emotions better, while finding a like-minded community within the space. 

Few takeaways from the workshop:
*Importance of being in the moment/being mindful
*Feeling of community bond and safe space
*Becoming more aware of our emotions and how one can regulate them 
*Connecting with self
*Understanding that the final outcome and perfecting it is not the key 
*Understanding that one should be more engaged in the process and reflect on themselves


Managing Stress and Burnout in Corporate Culture 

Workplace burnout hampers efficiency; it sucks out all the joy in one’s life and leaves one stranded against a pile of looming deadlines and zero drive to do anything.

Humanisinglives team did a very engaging session on Burnout and Stress Management at A&N Buying house to help them see the mental health of their employees as a collective priority and not individual challenge. The workshop aimed at helping the employees be more aware of how stress has been affecting them in terms of their health, behaviour and emotions, that is, their mental and physical health, in different unnoticeable and noticeable ways. The employees were also equipped with small strategies that they can use at any point of the day to manage their stress levels.

Few takeaways from the workshop:

*Brought more awareness to our mind and body through the activity conducted
*Greater insight on how body works during stress
*Realisation on how work-life balance gets affected and can be managed
*Went back home with a difference in their mood and physical health after the meditation activity 
*Learned small techniques to cultivate the strategies for stress management during work hours
*Reflected on their personal experiences with respect to stress and how it affects them in the smallest ways.

Psychosexual Education for Boys

Psychosexual health and intimate hygiene for men is a subject of stealth that is not adequately addressed let alone considered. It is often avoided as a concept of education that is necessary for young children so that they are more aware about themselves and the environment as they grow up.

We at Humanisinglives believe it to be a subject of equal importance and hence, decided to conduct a workshop that focused on various aspects of psychosexual education like healthy boundaries, good and bad touches, the significance of respectful communication and healthy ways of establishing emotional and physical boundaries. The responses received and the interaction was definitely encouraging and eye opening for all.

Few Takeaways from the workshop:

*Gaining an insight about boundaries in different kinds of relationships

*Learning how to communicate better and effectively

*Learning more about intimate hygiene

*Gaining more knowledge on how to regulate our emotions better in daily life

*Learning what entails healthy friendships and playful touch as a part of it