Existential-Humanistic Therapy Workshop

We were honoured and humbled to have interacted with Dr. Nader Shabahangi and Dr. Stephanie Weissman from the Existential-Humanistic Institute ( USA) . Dr. Shabahangi is the founder of Institute, and Dr. Weissman has been in the field for over 30 years, both being stalwarts of existential-humanistic therapy. We are grateful to them for sparing their time early in the morning, taking us through delicate nuances of E-H therapy through an experiential workshop, and listening to young minds from a different culture, and answering their questions with the utmost patience. 

This workshop was arranged for our Assistant Psychologists in our continuous attempts to provide Humanisinglives team with insightful training’s.


Shikha Soni a queer affirmative psychologist, and a mental-health researcher at University College London, took a very insightful session on “QUEERIOUS CONVERSATIONS”with our team of Psycologist’s.

The initiative aims to create an oasis of encouragement, acceptance, and empathy to foster dialogue around ​Queer Activism,​ through increased awareness and sensitivity.

She clarified common misconceptions about the queer community, and the range of social and psychological struggles those of us in the community commonly have to deal with. 

The differentiation of sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression.

She explored  the various sections within the transgender label and Intersectionality of identities 

She educated the team on ethical clinical practices in mental health. Queer friendly vs queer affirmative therapy. 

Evolving nature of queer spaces and problems and Issues with heteronormativity

Ms. Soni talked about was very appropriate and helpful for everyone in understanding queer mental health concerns better.

We appreciate @shikhasoni for making time in her busy schedule to speak to our psychologists, her wise words will help magnify our cause in the best possible way.