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 Queer Affirmative Therapy Training 

LGBTQ+ Training with Priyanjul

Priyanjul is a software engineer who also focuses on creating content to spread awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community. Training to be a queer affirmative therapist helps us become more aware of the current changes and transitions that members of the community go through. Which include but are not limited to current societal conditions and policies that affect their mental and physical health.


Humanising Lives collaborated with Priyanjul for a Queer awareness training workshop for our assistant psychologists in order to gain a better idea about the community with the aim of becoming a better queer affirmative therapist. The training session helped the trainees gain insights about the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum. 


*They were sensitised about the terminologies used. 

*Lived experiences of the members and of the trainer were shared in the safe space that was created to understand their viewpoints. 

*Trainees also discussed about the psychosocial challenges that the members of the community face on a regular basis and how mental health practitioners provide their services for the same.


We appreciate the time taken out by Priyanjul to help the trainees gain better insights and a better understanding about the community and their mental health.