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When was the last time you sat with a bunch of people without looking at your phone? Or you went beyond small talk with a group of strangers? When was the last time you stepped out without any agenda, just to enjoy time with other human beings?

Well now you can. 


In a mission to cultivate a mentally healthy society, Humanising Lives recently organised it’s first ever, ‘Coffee With Therapists’ to give people a chance to be ‘fluent with their emotions’. The evening was full of organic conversation which ‘flowed like water’ as a participant put it. 


In our day to day lives, it is often very rare to find people who are willing to listen to you with open hearts and no judgement. The lack of such spaces creates a trend of ‘keeping to oneself’ which just adds to the inability to express and open up to ourselves and others. We as a society lack healthy dialogues and meaningful connections. Loneliness is pervasive in our society, especially in metro cities, you are surrounded by a crowd of people yet you are alone.


That is why ‘Coffee With Therapists’. A space where people can connect with themselves and people around them on a deeper level while the whole setup is held together and facilitated by experienced psychotherapists. By providing such spaces, Humanising Lives is trying to build a culture which promotes opening up and makes you feel safe while doing so. Ultimately such facilitative spaces will contribute to good mental health and emotional well-being of society. This initiative is being launched in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore!


Come, let’s be fluent in emotions :)


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