Queer Support Group

The overarching objective of the 8 week-long queer support group is to simultaneously build and adapt support networks for the LGBTQ+ community within the Indian landscape. The goal for these sessions is creating a safe and non-judgemental place for the members of the LGBTQ+ community to explore, express and reflect on their growth and experiences as a queer person and to connect and foster support from people of the same community. Additionally, our mission is also to provide a safe outlet for members to express and discuss about their challenges faced as queer person and also learn from the experiences of others, aiding in coping. The team’s mission is to combine open-ended, flexible methods with basic structures to create a space that is both creative, responsive and is founded on evidence-based practices.

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I have been dodging the question of sexuality and my preferences all through my life, largely because I had other difficult experiences that got my attention. Im in my mid 30s and have been recently taken steps to take care of my mental health. Through this journey working through many issues, I finally felt comfortable giving the time to the issue of sexuality that I had been diligently avoiding; a battle I didn’t want to fight previously. That’s when I came across the queer support group by Humanising Lives, and decided to give it a try. I still remember the first session, I felt like an imposter, who knew nothing about the LGBTQ community, and wasn’t even comfortable saying I was gay! But the group instantly put me at ease and made me feel welcome. As went through the sessions every week, I was able to have a conversation about various issues that one faces as a queer person, right from the time you come out to yourself and then to friends and family and beyond. I’m still discovering my way around my queerness, but by the end of the program, I could confidently say that I was gay with a sense of confidence, and knew the various hurdles that I had to overcome in due time. Each session moved effortlessly from the previous session, building up on what we discussed and came out as a prominent theme. The sessions were beautifully moderated by therapists who are queer themselves. They helped nudging us with pertinent questions that led to powerful discussions. I would recommend the queer support group by Humanising Lives to anybody who wants to explore their sexuality, has questions and would like to share their experiences with others from the community.