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The Pro Bono Psychotherapy Project

One-on-one sessions with your therapist, with the first 5 sessions free. The sessions will be a supportive space for clients to explore themselves and their problems.


Humanising Lives

Mental and emotional wellbeing impacts the way we feel, think, and act, making it important in all areas of our lives.


Humanising lives believes a state of good mental health and wellbeing enables people to realize their own potential, cope with stress, work productively, and contribute to their families and communities.

Mental health problems can be a global barrier to sustainable development.


Therefore Focussing on “mental and emotional wellbeing”, we help unburden the people from stress and traumas that are brought by the generic normalizing of the struggles of regular life, resulting in poor mental, emotional, and physical health.


Book Online Sessions

Book a session (individual or couple) with one of our assistant psychologists. The first 5 sessions are free, with a minimal fee after that.

Paper Heart

Queer Group Therapy

The goal for these sessions is creating a safe and non-judgemental place for the members of the LGBTQ+ community to explore, express and reflect on their growth and experiences as queer people and to connect and foster support from people of the same community.


Meet Your Therapists

Meet our team of assistant psychologists, who work with a variety of therapeutic approaches and with several populations



“The session taken with humanising lives therapist really help me to understand myself better”

“Life me sab hopeless ho gaya tha, lagta tha kuch nhi hoga, par humanising lives ne mujhe mere godfather (Sidharth Arya) se milaya”

“Dear therapist, I didn't even know i needed support until i met you. You're a surgeon of my heart.”

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