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 Gift of Therapy 

An Intensive Psychotherapy Training Program

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Training  Period- 3 months 

We welcome you to our Gift of Therapy Batch7. This is an interesting mix of clinical and counseling psychology with an opportunity for clinical observation under the renowned psychiatrist Dr. Manu Tiwari post the training. For all the psychologists-in-training, this is an exciting opportunity to understand the real world practice of psychotherapy and clinical psychology. We are committed to high quality training for the new generation of therapists and believe in giving you the best overall training atmosphere. Our new batch begins on 3rd June for an intensive 3 month training period.


Happy Learning to us all!    


Experimental Learning / Role Play Practices

Intensive Training from facilitators certified in Existential-Humanistic- Approach, crisis intervention and Transactional Analysis

Work with clients from India and around the world

Continuous exposure to expert Therapist Sessions

Free Copy of 'The Gift of Therapy' book

Internship Opportunity

50 Hours long
Group Supervisions
6 Trainers
3 Months

 3rd June-3rd Sep 

Topics and Facilitators:

Sushree Sahu (Head of  Psychology)
Timings: Monday 7-8:30 pm


-   What Psychotherapy is Not!
-   In Depth Exploration in Therapy
-   Resistance in Therapy
-   Therapeutic Alliance

Srinithi Raghuraman (Associate Psychologist)
Timings: Every Tuesday, 7-8:30 PM

-   Core counselling skills
-   Importance of multicultural sensitivity
-   On dealing with high risk clients (part 1)
-   On dealing with high risk clients (part 2)

Anubhuti Singh (Associate Psychologist)
Timings: Thursday 7-8:30 PM
- Cultivating therapist's presence in sessions
- Using here and now in therapy
- Exploring the I-Thou-Us
- Using the therapist self as a tool
- Primary and secondary experiences in therapeutic setup
- Therapeutic 'rupture' and 'repair'

Utkarsh Khurana (Associate Psychologist and Training Coordinator)
Timings: Every Saturday, 12 am-1:20 pm
- How to be human in a therapy session
- Intimacy between client and therapist
- Transactional analysis in therapy
- Inner Child
- Self-Disclosure in a therapy session
- Content vs Context in therapy

Rashmi Singh (Adjuunct faculty and Expressive Arts Based Therapist)
Timings: Friday 7-8:30 PM

- Introduction to Expressive Art-based therapies (EAT)
- Clinical Approaches: Solution Focused EAT
- Clinical Application: Case Discussion and Case Formulation
- Facilitation Practice Session : Supervision and Feedback

Apurva Dixit and Alex Linn (Adjunct faculty)
Special topics on Cultivating Presence and the Death Anxiety (Existential givens)

-    Dialogue on concepts of Existential Humanistic

The training program also includes:

- Exposure to therapy sessions through video learning every Friday for learning

- Group project for intervention design and delivery over 6 weeks.

- Pro-bono clients will be allotted to each Intern during the Training program under

- Group supervision.

- A free copy of the book 'The Gift of Therapy'.

- Year long internship-opportunity for selected interns (continuing one-on-one client therapy
with the organisation).


1. UG in Psychology or

2.Pursuing Masters in Psychology

Cost of the Training Program - Rs 15000/-

Payment details:

Account no : 110005102400

IFSC code : CNRB0003760

Account Holder Name: Sushree Shreya Sahu

UPI ID: 9910991561@cnrb

Contact for more details: 09867656980

See you soon!
Team Therapying2020 & Humanising Lives

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