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The lockdown has impacted in ways more than…

The lockdown has impacted in ways more than anyone ever expected it to. It has affected the mental health of mothers, especially the ones who were working and weren’t staying with their kids pre- lockdown. Being a mother of a 6-year-old boy who is superactive can be a challenge because it gets tough to channelize his energy at times, especially because we are all living out of confined spaces at the moment. But I keep him engaged in activities that I am a part of – such as meditation and yoga.I love cooking and he loves eating, so it makes a perfect combo.

Having said, I also take out time for myself, do things I enjoy when he goes off to sleep. For him, bed time stories are a must and while I narrate them, I make it a point to incorporate as much knowledge as possible in them.

So, let’s develop a positive physical activity-based relationship with our child, something that will stay for years to come, long after this crisis has blown over.

ONCE A WARRIOR, ALWAYS A WARRIOR. WE ARE THE HOMEMAKER, WE ARE THE PIVOT AROUND WHICH THE FAMILY REVOLVES.THINK NO LESS!!! Deepika Rawat is Dental surgeon in Rishikesh and mother to 6 year old Rudransh.

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