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Lately I have been feeling very lost….

Lately I have been feeling very lost and I don’t know what’s happening like. No reason in particular but many in (..) I wanted to crawl under a rock. I have been feeling like I’m not good enough, pretty enough (thanks to a bad hair trim) Yes the most smallest thing can trigger your self-doubts. Guilt of not having enough of mom guilt. I felt like what if I’m not made to be a mother? Sharav’s not been eating properly for a week so that’s another level of stress and yes it must be my mistake right? So I have sulked and blamed myself. House was a mess so was I. Been out shopping looking total homeless (that was a big deal, I never thought that day would come) Finally it hit me, that this sulking down is not gonna get me anywhere. I better just push through it and be the super woman I believe I am. It doesn’t matter if the house is tidy or not but my son deserves a happy mom and I cannot not give him that. If you’re a mom and struggling with something right now, know it’s ok. Take your time. You will get through it and you will know when it’s time. Somedays are better than others. And sometimes you just need to give yourself a pep-talk because nobody knows you the way you do. The good the bad and most importantly the best. .



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