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The universe has its own way of balancing out things….

The universe has its own way of balancing out things and this lockdown is indeed a huge example of that. Being home with my 8-year-old, who is this big ball of energy and has a spring in his feet, is quite the task but a task that I’m enjoying to the fullest.

However, it has not been easy, more because I am a single parent. But, I feel we all needed this time to ourselves, away from the madness of work and school routines. It has helped me to take him back to basics, such as starting the day with no rush and more quiet time, sitting and enjoying a cuppa together.

Also, it has enabled me to give him an insight into simpler, easier times where playing games like Ludo, Scrabble, Monopoly or Carrom meant a day full of accomplishments and accolades.

It is also imperative, as a mother to be able to give our kids lessons that will help them through life. But to be able to do that, it is equally important to give ourselves the mental and emotional peace we need.

It’s important to make time for things that raise our emotional quotient, be it reading, learning a new skill or simply sleeping. We need to be able to pace our day at our whim without feeling the need to always have a plan, which also means giving kids their “me time” and taking yours without a guilt trip.

Children lead by example and the silver lining in these dark times is that we can restore our values in humanity, teach them resilience and acceptance of situations and circumstances, and help in building of their emotional quotient by being mentally fit ourselves first.

Hang in there, all you beautiful motherships. This too shall pass:) …..

Payal Saigal, teacher and businesswoman in Meerut and mother to an 8 year old Advaitt:)

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