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Patriarchy, hierarchy, gender differences are like a T-point on the road.

Patriarchy, hierarchy, gender differences are like a T-point on the road. Sad, isn’t it, that though we call ourselves the educated, evolved and smarter generation, we still live in a world as regressive and primitive as could be. From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to religion, rules, and patterns, which form our perspectives toward life and the world. Eventually, we entitle ourselves to judge, opinions and even misogyny; thus turning into clueless and powerless individuals, with no control over our thoughts, emotions and mouths.

All through the week we’ve, as a community at Humanisinglives, have spoken on various aspects of patriarchy and its profound effect on our mental and emotional health,and how generation after generation nothing has really changed. Men and women both are a part of this chain,and each gets affected as much as the other. Gender biases, marriage,having kids, inequality, upbringing, mental,physical and emotional abuse are all a part of this system.On one hand, men scream superiority, because that’s what they’ve been brainwashed with,and on the other hand,women shriek rebellion nowadays, in the name of having been suppressed since time immemorial; thereby breaking a simple rule of the universe, which equality.

Why but, do we forget, that the universe didn’t make one any better than the other and, that being equals is what is at the center of the universe. Men and women are the two sides of the same coin,even though they’re indeed fundamentally different. How did this happen, when did we come to this unwarranted misogynistic lifestyle? Perhaps,when humans took matters in their own hands,went against nature and created boundaries and territories,communities and societies; gender inequality ever since dominated the world, unfortunately.

All is not lost though,and humankind is blessed with its ability to adapt to major un-conditioning. We can learn to accept equality first hand,and then work ourselves up to objectively learn that neither of the genders is invincible or irreplaceable. It takes two to tango,and so,let’s unlearn objectification and complexes and learn oneness,which is the core of our being.

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