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Very happy Mothers’ day to all the gorgeous motherships:).

Hello there, and a very happy Mothers’ day to all the gorgeous motherships:). Continuing with our theme of mental health this month, let’s first understand what health exactly means. Health is when our mind and body are in harmony with each other, and rightly so. We however, forget that it is our spirit too that needs to be kept healthy.

Imagine the fav cuppa you take to kick start your day:) But if, the cup spills or gets spilled by someone else mistakenly, wouldn’t everything just fall out, leaving us slightly distraught and maybe even short on time. Now, compare this cup to the health of our spirits, which is in short related to our emotions and frame of mind. If, what we have in our tea-cup spills and leaves us sad, imagine then, what our overflowing emotions can be at, if they fall out unexpectedly, and for what it’s worth, we are all humans, dealing with different demons everyday, and more often than not, we all are edgy, stressed with our daily chores and work pressures and there is an undercurrent of anger and frustration; only because we are filled till the brim and there seems to be no outlet. Therefore, what will fall out is unaccounted for agitations and actions we are sure to regret later.

Thus, to be able to keep ourselves from drowning into the everyday trials and tribulations of life, it is essential to upkeep our spirits and taking the time out to do this, in no way, is an act of giving yourself any less to those around you. But how do we do it? First and foremost, believe that you can and you will be able to. Start your day not with a goal in mind but what is it that will make it work for you, and whatever works should be your way for the day. You alone make that choice for yourself. The key here is time management too. Each step a day to synchronize your routines and the time to yourself will eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle. And health is the only style of life to be followed. Set short term goals that lead to long term happiness, recoup and recover, live it one day at a time with a healthy body, happier spirit and a sparkling mind:) written @payalsaigal and illustration @jessaraus#mothesday#maternalmentalhealth

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