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My 4 year old asked me,….

My 4 year old asked me, Why do you have so many marks On your body Mumma, While painting one of them with yellow and white. After stuttering for a few seconds, I told her that these are stories, Written by my author, She pointed at my forehead and asked me, What is the story behind this one? Which is now painted as a bee, Called as “forehead Queen.”. . I smiled and said, Once upon a time, After a happy ending, When King and Queen, Got married in a shady town, King was angry and at the top of his wrath, So he pushed her away, she fell down, and hit her head on the floor, hard, And got this memento as a reward. . Then she pointed to the chin, Which now looks purple, She called it “a petal of lily,” How this one came here mommy? And I told her, Once Queen was late to serve food, King got up angrily and clapped, Queen’s face with a thud, She fell down and got this cut, a souvenir showing that he needs to be calm. . Ummm… Then how this one, She said, then pointed at my neck, The one painted with white, She called it “the necklace” Once the Queen ran away from the castle, So King hunted her down, Brought her back to castle, And held her by the throat, as he was her Knight and armor. Claimed her with one more gifts, Showing off the power was his propensity, . “I am not liking these stories, Mumma,” She said as she painted my wrist with blue, I am sure she will call it “Moana of Motunui” Do you want to know my favorite story? Yes… Yes, she said As she hopped off my lap, I pulled my top up to expose my tummy, Showed her my stretchmarks, And traced a finger across one of the incisions from delivery.

This one, as this mark gave The Queen her angel, A reason to live, And the Power to fight, From the day this angel came in the Queen’s life, King came to smash her many times, But she gave him an equal fight.

Mumma’s favorite author is not the King anymore, As the Queen has got a new author, who paints her scars with colors of love, Which King can’t claim to be his souvenirs anymore.

By Mayuri @_agirlwithnojob_ and @shespeaksforthechange #patriarchy #domesticviolence #genderequality #womenmentalhealth mentalhealthmatters #socialconditioning #beliefs

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