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Domestic responsibility has risen exponentially during the lockdown

Domestic responsibility has risen exponentially during the lockdown as the regular crop of domestic workers is not allowed any longer. The “ideal woman” now starts her day with hot cups tea for the family, arranging the bed, brooming the floors and mopping, washing and cooking, and such. Some working mothers are also having to do a double shift. They have to meet the demands of their job and also take care of their kids. But all this doesn’t come with any paychecks or acknowledgment — it’s unpaid, unrecognized and invisible work. These invisible duties and labor become apparent to others only when you don’t do them. The frequency of this emotional and invisible labor — when you’re constantly required to please everyone and express emotions for the fulfillment and happiness of others as per traditional gender expectations and stereotypes- takes a higher toll on women’s mental health and well-being. They also need to disconnect sometimes from stressors such as work, home, caregiving, and parenting responsibilities for self-care and mental well-being.

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