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This blog today is dedicated to Sushant Singh Rajput……

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

This blog today is dedicated to Sushant Singh Rajput, and all the creative geniuses who left us a little too soon, and mostly because despite their success, they were lonely, misunderstood people who didn’t have anyone to hold them and help them find peace when they hit rock bottom. May they all find peace wherever they are now

Anxiety, depression, mental and emotional ill-health agression(passive and active) and the like are quickly becoming the terms most of us can relate to lately. Each one of us is blindly putting ourself through some ordeal and mostly without a cause. Why, have we ever wondered? Why do we get worked up about things that are out of our control? Since when did working our minds and bodies off become the deal of the day, specially when at the end of the day we still feel as if something is either lacking or incomplete.

Why do we put ourselves in a space where despite all our efforts and hardworking, se end up depressed and anxious instead of being happy and content? What compels us to go after things that don’t last long instead of focusing on things that truly matter? Why not for a change do we look from inside out instead of outside in?

The universe is not really interested in how much money or worldly possessions we own. On the contrary, it is interested in how well you handle your being in this world. Your presence in this world needs to make a positive difference. The accomplishments the universe desires are those of real kindness and humanity. The uncetainity of life is the only thing that’s certain and the more we give ourselves things of concrete and those that perish, the more we lose the reality of it.

So, smile at the world and this unruly life, its qualms and overwhelming cohorts. Don’t let it get to you simply because more often than not, the things that we wish for or expect are out of our control and the things that are easy to attain. Things like love, friendships and relationships which only require our genuine commitment and attention. Learn or rather unlearn the odds of life, be there, be present and keep in mind that life is too short to be wasted over trivialities. At the end of the day we are all humans who need one another to survive. None of us is getting out of here without bruises and scars, so why not make them something to celebrate. We are all stories after a while, and these stories are the legacy we leave behind. Why not let those stories palpate with joy, happiness, courage, love and kindness.:)

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