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Utkarsh Khurana

Utkarsh Khurana is a counselling psychologist and TA-CDT expert who practices with the belief that "everyone is okay". He has completed his Masters in Clinical Psychology and is currently pursuing PhD in psychology. He deals with issues that are related to "SELF". His keen interest is in practicing holistic psychology and Transactional analysis. Furthermore, his aim is to create psychology as a mode of self-healing in the society and achieving authentic self by avoiding self-betrayal behavior.

I was quite unsure about the idea of therapy. I was aware of the fack ki I am mentally sick, something was bothering me but , I didn't know how to deal with my friends who took therapy in their past share that it was not so effective for them; at the same time I am a college student and my parents did not entertain the idea of letting me take therapy. In this case first of all, Utkarsh, my therapist, provided me with a safe and comfortable environment which helped me share all my problems and it was like I am fixing my own issues, I wasn't dependent on him, rather he was guiding me through it, just checking up that I don't do anything rash. I cannot explain what a positive effect it had in my life, I feel in control and the idea of deal with an issues doesn't scare me that much anymore.
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