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Siddharth Arya

Siddharth believes in the unique gifts and immense power of love within all.

Excessive travelling, visiting communities and working with alternative organizations gave him broader lenses and understanding of the human psyche.

His biggest learning was through unlearning and breaking his negative, unhelpful patterns in life.

He has experience interacting with all ages in different setup's be it school, workshop, jail or facilitation.

So carrying diverse perspectives and understanding, he believes he can work together with clients collaboratively to explore those unique gifts within.

Siddharth is a Certified TEAM-CBT therapist from FGI, California.

"I started taking therapy from Siddharth from 11th October 2021 and so far I've taken 6 sessions from him. This is my first experience in trying out Therapy and it's really been a life altering experience for me.

First thing, is that, he made me realized the importance of a positive mindset, for instance, things and experiences that I previously viewed from a negative perspective actually had really positive outcomes in my life which I never noticed before.

Something I learnt from my first session with him and will stick with me for the rest of my life is that gratitude shouldn't come from comparing yourself to others.

Being an overthinker I always end up with the worst possible outcome in my head which creates a lot of stress and tension and after talking it out with him I understood the concept of Cognitive Distortions and how much it's been affecting me and I've been working on this with Siddharth and he's been nothing but wonderful and patient with me through everything I've faced in the past few days. After each session I always end up feeling much better and lighter.

Even though I felt for the longest time that my problems aren't real or are silly he made me realized the importance of good and bad experiences and how much courageous and stronger I've become.

There's a lot of work I need to do on myself and would love to continue my sessions with Siddharth.
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