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Saumya Gairola

Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

I am an RCI registered clinical psychologist by training which enables me to diagnose and treat major mental health conditions like psychosis & related conditions, anxiety spectrum disorders, depressive disorders etc.

Trained in mindfulness based counselling with an embodied presence, I believe in meeting the client where they are, with a momemt-to-moment unfolding in the therapeutic space. I firmly believe that each client has an innate capacity to move towards transformative shifts with their unique ways of addressing resolutions. Thus, together with the client, I try to move closer to their experience, understand their unique ways of associating with their experiences, uncovering the underlying needs and developing newer ways of addressing those needs, as required.

My approach involves empowering clients by becoming aware of what's there for them in the here & now and working through it by going deeper. This helps clients become more self-aware, resourced & possibly touch their inner wisdom.

My approach to therapy is eclectic, majorly informed by the humanistic, psychoanalytic , gestalt, somatic & mindfulness-based approaches, to address client concerns.

Alongside, I am also trained in gestalt and somatic approaches to psychotherapy and thus use the body's sense, including movement, breath,bodily sensations, felt sense etc. to become aware of the experience at the bodily level as much as the mental.

I love working with emotional,

behavioural & psychological concerns of adolescents, young and middle-aged adults. I also provide psychotherapy for mental health concerns arising from everyday life challenges like adjustment difficulties, stress, emotional neglect, work-life stress, issues with sleep, grief & bereavement, self exploration, emotional regulation and self-esteem concerns.

I found saumya at the right time. When things felt like going haywire for me, I began therapy and it was the best decision I made in a long time. The sessions and the way saumya would listen to me, made me feel safe and supported. It made me acknowledge the unhealed parts in me and through practices as simple as touching the sensation in my body, helped those unhealed parts to feel held. I am at a much better place in life now and have learnt ways to manage my anxiety and emotions majorly on my own as I feel whole in my self. 
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