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Lakshita Gupta

I am training in the humanistic-existential approach of psychotherapy, which puts the client and their experience at the center, and facilitators an inward exploration. I also work with groups, and have facilitated a grief support group, as well as a queer support group. I also take a queer affirmative approach.

It's been almost a month and a half that I started taking therapy from Lakshita, my therapist. Lakshita's skills in noticing major repetitive themes and probing into it have helped me in answering some of the questions I have been carrying around in my heart for a while. She ensures that I feel comfortable with all the warmth in her words.  I wait through the week to meet her and unravel everything that needed to be taken care of. She is insightful and extremely helpful in making me understand my blindsides. It's an achievement for me everytime that I leave her session with a ray of clarity in my mind.
In conclusion, I feel relaxed and peaceful. I can't thank her enough for all the empathy and support. Thank you Humanising lives for letting me have this enriching experience.
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