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Jay Matolia

Hi there, I am Jay Matolia and when I am working with my client I like to have an humanistic approach. This helps me to give the lead of the session to the client, which pave a way for me to tailor my therapy style as per the client needs.

I was struggling with bad sleep schedule, anxiety and negetive thoughts. I felt like i didn't know myself because i didn't love myself
These sessions with Jay, i did not feel like he fixed me. I felt like i worked on myself by myself with a little help. He was patient, calm, supportive and a great listener. Did not at all make me feel like i was just a client. He sounded genuinely interested, it was evident from his responses.
He made me realise many things that i could not happen to understand myself.
Its like conciously and sub-consciously, i knew how to work on myself,
Jay just showed me the light.
And that's all that i needed from him.
I had lost hope in everything and was looking for new things outside, but i realised how much new i have to discover about myself thanks to him.
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