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Jasleen Kaur

I am a trauma-informed counselling psychologist helping young and middle-aged adults walk through the challenges of adult life. I work along the key ideologies of self-attunement, self-belief, and compassion. My approaches include understanding individual trauma responses, childhood emotional-behavioural adaptations, and helping re-frame relationships with self and others. I work on increasing individuals' self-awareness to lay the foundations of healing in a collaborative and non-judgmental space. Along with other evidence-based modalities, I believe in working on deeper layers of trauma by focusing on somatic experiencing therapy, polyvagal exercises, and other body-based approaches.

My expertise lies in the management of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, loneliness, burnout, attachment systems, relational concerns, social adjustment concerns, and complex traumas.

Any session with Jasleen is a breeze. We are able to figure out so many issues, and different techniques to work on them. There have been several days where Jasleen assesses with so much nitty-gritty, that it blows my mind. Today, was another such day and I feel compelled to write another feedback for her again. It has been more than 4.5 months since I got connected with Jasleen. She listens to my side of stories / my issues with full attention. There is no sense of judgment passed from her, whatsoever. She allows me to talk with an open mind in our sessions. For solving different issues, her techniques are really great. I love the fact that she tailors her solutions based on the problems of a client. Overall, I have come a long way since I started sessions with her. I have improved a lot, lot more to improve. More the improvements for far, I'm kind of liking the journey towards getting better mentally. Thanks, Jasleen !! Truly appreciate your hard work & extra efforts that you put into understanding your client's issues & creating custom solutions for each sub-problem, that to each week
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