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Damini Yadav

Queer-identifying trainee therapist predominantly working with young adults and adolescents. I’ve been seeing clients for issues such as anxiety, emotional dysregulation, trauma, stress, and the like primarily for emotion focused, insight-oriented work. My approach is primarily relational and I also use techniques from the psychodynamic and Internal Family Systems approaches.

I have just started taking therapy from Damini. While she has always been very patient and attentive while listening to me, what I really like about her is that she also prompts me to dig deeper and explore my emotions by asking the right questions. Her insightful questions and remarks make me understand my complex emotions and mind logically which does help me a lot since I'm a chronic overthinker. She also gives me positive affirmations whenever I feel scared to make me feel more hopeful towards the process. It's just the beginning but I do hope to explore and heal myself with her guidance.
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