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Arpit Verma

Hey, my name is Arpit. I come from a middle-class family from Kanpur (You must be aware about it through memes) Uttar Pradesh. I would not be honest if I would say I have always been fascinated by the mind and was curious about it since childhood. I was introduced to the subject of Psychology in my Under graduation and gradually fell in love with it. I completed my Masters in Psychology from Ambedkar University Delhi and am currently a trainee at Humanising Lives. Growing up I was confronted with my own share of insecurities and difficulties. Psychology, seeking professional help and my friends helped me to become aware about my unhealthy patterns and overcome them. I am still on the journey of being comfortable with myself and helping others in this too. Accepting difficult parts about yourselves do involve conflicts, contradictions and dilemmas and navigating through these would be difficult and painful but I’ll make sure you won’t feel alone in this journey.

Apart from being a mental health practitioner, I love to enjoy and talk about good food and really bad Salman Khan movies

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