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Anuthi Mehta

Anuthi Mehta is a counselling psychologist having completed her masters in clinical psychology.She works with all age groups and deals with issues pertaining to anxiety, self confidence, relationships, family issues, stress management, grief etc. Furthermore she also aims to creatively use psychology to break down the complexities of life and the many facets of human behaviour. She is inclined towards inculcating the practices of nature psychology and animal assisted therapy as part of her counseling.

It was my first time trying therapy when I registered on humanisinglives. Soon after my registration, I was told that Anuthi Mehta will be my therapist.

We had our first session and immediately I knew that I have landed up with the right therapist. In my first session, she was very responsive to what I was saying, she listened to me carefully and reacted compassionately to everything I said or talked about. She made me so comfortable that I could share everything with her without any hesitation.

Every time our session gets over, I get this sense of inner fulfilment as if some load has been lifted off my chest because she is very assuring and she ensures that I feel heard. I am so open in front of her and I don't feel judged at all because she has always told me that it is okay to be me.

Anuthi is a great counsellor, she is kind, compassionate and will provide you with the best analogies to put things in perspective. I will forever be grateful to her for making me feel like myself and for providing me with a safe space. My whole experience with her has been soothing, peaceful, and relieving.

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