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Anuthi Mehta

As a counseling psychologist, I see people as unique as snowflakes, each with their own intricacies, and I deeply value and appreciate them for who they are. My aim is to create a safe and nurturing space where individuals can embrace their vulnerabilities and simply be themselves. I incorporate a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including creativity, nature, somatic therapy and art, to tailor my practice to the individual needs of each client. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

It was my first time trying therapy when I registered on humanisinglives. Soon after my registration, I was told that Anuthi Mehta will be my therapist.

We had our first session and immediately I knew that I have landed up with the right therapist. In my first session, she was very responsive to what I was saying, she listened to me carefully and reacted compassionately to everything I said or talked about. She made me so comfortable that I could share everything with her without any hesitation.

Every time our session gets over, I get this sense of inner fulfilment as if some load has been lifted off my chest because she is very assuring and she ensures that I feel heard. I am so open in front of her and I don't feel judged at all because she has always told me that it is okay to be me.

Anuthi is a great counsellor, she is kind, compassionate and will provide you with the best analogies to put things in perspective. I will forever be grateful to her for making me feel like myself and for providing me with a safe space. My whole experience with her has been soothing, peaceful, and relieving.

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