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Anushka Gupta

I am counselling psychologist. My work is mostly a combination of humanistic and psycho dynamic approach. I believe that all of us are a work in progress and so one should work on themselves as a whole and not just focus on the problem that is on the surface level.

I deal with issues related to anxiety, stress, anger management, relationship and family issues and issues related to understanding SELF.

Well, for the start, it was refreshing. I opened up a lot to you actually, probably more than I've ever opened up to others. And you always had a positive demeanor about everything, which kind of lifted me up. When I first attended your session, I was really nervous that day. I remember my throat was getting extremely dry and I was fidgeting too much, due to the Tourette's kick-ins. I tried to keep drinking loads of water to make up for the dried throat. But I don't know if you noticed this or not, I didn't need to drink any water in the last 2 sessions. I was completely fine by myself, I overcame majority of the nervousness and anxiety about conversing with a stranger. You helped me with quite a few small troubles that I get in my daily life. I won't say that it has gotten over completely, but there has been significant progress and I'm pretty sure the issues will get solved in the near future .So thank you for being this wonderfully kind and awesome woman that you are. Thank you for helping me out!
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