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Anjuli Negi

Anjuli Negi is an aspiring counselling psychologist, currently pursuing MSc Psychology (Counselling) from Christ University Delhi NCR. She has previously worked in various counselling setting with adolescents and adults. Her approach is based more along the lines of client-centered therapy.

The short period of sessions have been a complete breather for me. Anjuli has been a polite, compassionate person and well constructed in terms of communication as well. It has been a blessings to have such patient counsellor. During the course initially I found it hard to talk procrastinating the responses but then I was provided with a safer zone to talk and explain without judgements. She never failed to update me regarding sessions and not seemed upset even when I failed to follow the techniques or practices suggested. Every sessions, I had a lesson to take back. This is my second chance in therapy and I can assure you that I have loved being in it more than ever.

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