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Queer Well-being Advocate

‘Hi beautiful person! My name is Priyanjul I’m a 25 year old cis-gay man, currently working as a software engineer. I’m really excited to be your host , dost and coach to healing with Humanising Lives!


I believe that sharing a little piece of my journey with you would eventuate your process of bringing about closure and strength to really be one with yourself; as I know what it’s like.


I hail from Budaun, UP, growing up in a middle class household of a rather orthodox state like UP was not the easiest thing to do. Although I was in closet for about 20 years of my life, the homophobic & mysogistic remarks from locals fuelled my internalized homophobia.


I embarked on my mental health journey since February 2020 & that made me realise that I was actually not aware of who I am and things have changed since then. I love myself even more & love everything that’s around me a little more.


And as a Queer privileged enough to have quality education, stable job & can afford mental health aids, I feel like I need to give back to my community (& humanity, in general ) to express my gratitude to all the souls who’ve helped me be in the person I am today.


Join me and the team  in making our Life an experience to look forward to and embrace ourselves.


Happy Healing, See you soon!’

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