Namita Singh

Research and Programme Director​

Masters in History from University of Delhi, Currently pursuing PhD from Department of History ,DU, ; Namita is not restricted by degrees in her achievements. Apart from being a social scientist and a beloved educator in her professorial capacity for past 7 years, she is an avid reader, a resilient researcher, national level award winning orator, second stage reiki enthusiast, a proud military wife and now research and programme director of Humanising Lives.

Her profession keep her connected with the undergrad students of impressionable age, and she does it with complete empathy because she understands the social stigma and its effect on the psyche of these students.

Namita’s earlier life has been jumbled up between a rural background, occasional visits to her parents posted in small cities of Bihar while studying in Delhi; which gives her an edge in understanding the social fabric of villages, small cities and metropolitans. Her research skills and spiritually elevated mind made her join the cause because of her believe and connection with it.