Daring to Self -Care

Self-care is critical because we need to be healthy models for our children. It is essential that children learn coping and problem-solving skills to handle life demands successfully. If our children don’t see us implementing these same skills in our lives, it will be hard to convince them of their benefit. Instead, if they see you as an adult with healthy coping skills that include restorative self-care activities, then it’s more likely that tent will to develop these skills as well. After all, the staggering truth is that you are the greatest influence in their life. It is important that we model in our own lives what we hope our children will live out in their own journey. Listen to Dr Madalina Yellico, Clinical Psychologist -New York (Trained in evidence-based practices) and learn how you can implement this in your life and how self-care is the most important ingredient of parenting!

Importance of Emotional Welling

It may surprise you to learn that art can be an effective tool in mental and emotional well-being. In today’s session with our partner organisation @beingplusbecoming lot of creative expression was used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress. In creating art, people were able to focus on their own perceptions, imagination, and feelings. Participants were encouraged to create art that expresses their inner world and thought.

Pressures of Procreation in history

Dr. Smita Sahgal Associate Professor (History ) at Lady Shriram Collage-Delhi University. Delivered a lecture for humanising lives on the topic -pressures of procreation on history. She walked us through the instances of surrogacy/niyoga in the ancient scriptures and classical texts highlighting how motherhood has always been central to women and also to the idea of man-woman partnership. However she, through niyoga tried to elaborate on the emotional pressure of the social expectations on young couples, kings, queens, etc. That eventually resulted in the legalisation of multiple forms of niyoga practices in those times.

It was indeed overwhelming to see more than 50 participants on zoom. Thank you all for attending

Untangling the patterns with Mindful parenting

Our Udaipur ladies learned about how mindful parenting can positively benefit your child’s mental health, happiness, and well-being, as well as some simple ways to be a calmer, more mindful parent.