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Hey there! I’m Varsha! 

I’m from Bangalore. I’ve studied Journalism, English, and Psychology in my undergraduation. During my course there, I developed a sense of curiosity for how individuals interact with each other and their environment. Around the end of my time in undergraduation, the struggles with mental health that close members of my family were experiencing were coming to light. This pushed me to pursue psychology more passionately. I’ve been trying to exert a mindful effort of aligning myself with safe spaces that are affordable and accessible.

My approach to therapy is to facilitate and provide safe space for my clients to realise their emotions and express them comfortably. I also try to facilitate self-exploration of the client so they can access new parts of them and get in touch with themselves more. Above all, creating a warm and genuine relationship with my clients is what I look forward to. 

When I was pursuing Literature, languages and their expressions began to really interest me. It is now important to me to allow clients to express comfortably in their native tongues. I do my best to facilitate this and take sessions in 4 languages - English, Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil.

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