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Tamanna Nafis

Tamanna is a queer- identifying psychologist currently pursuing her MSc in counselling psychology from Christ University. She has previously worked in various clinical and counselling settings with various age groups and has been trained in individual and group counselling. Following the ideologies of Humanistic Psychologists who believe that every individual has a basic drive to reach their full potential, she too believes in the uniqueness of each individual and their ability to grow. Thus, adopting a nonjudgmental approach, she aims at providing a safe and open place for individuals to express their concerns and for self-exploration.

For the sessions I would just want to say, that you have been really helpful and understanding. I have been to three to four therapist in the past but none of them could deal with my case the way I wanted. Some would just listen for like 45 minutes, charge a lot and I was never happy with the process, others would just keep on advising things that I should be doing. But, honestly sessions with you have been entirely different, I have started to look at my issues in a different way, learnt to look at patterns and try and think deeply about what is troubling me. I have started to try and make boundaries for self preservation and focus on things.
There is still a long way to go for me, especially in terms of bringing some consistency in my attempts, and I am glad I have you as my therapist.
In the sessions, I know I can be completely true to myself and I will be accepted. The one thing I liked the most about your technique was that how you listen and pick on minute details and probe on that, you are able to figure out things that way. It has helped me a lot.
Thank you so much
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