Ekta Prakash Sharma

Ekta Prakash Sharma is law graduate from ILS law Collage Pune and an LLM in International Criminal Justice and Human Rights from Nottingham Law School, United Kingdom.

She has an extensive experience in the areas related to Human rights issues and its problem with major focus on social reforms. She has been associated with multiple Government organizations, NGOs and INGOs since 2009. She has worked with the Indian Human Rights Commission of India, National Women Commission of India, UNODC and many more prominent organizations. This experience has given her knowledge, perspective and an understanding of the importance of developing a sustainable community, developmental programs, for the welfare of all.

Her recent work was with foundation owned by Indian cricketer Suresh Raina. She managed the entire foundation and designed all their programs- on reproductive rights of women and Adolescents taking public health approaches to meet the goals for SDG 3 (sexual and reproductive health). With aim to provide non-discriminatory access and awareness to adolescent girls and women.

She also Initiated and designed workshops in Indian Prisons with women inmates for their Sexual Reproductive Health and Mental health including Drugs Abuse in collaboration with Dr. Upneet Lali’ Organisation Safe and Indian Correctional Administration.

All this experience has given her knowledge, perspective and an understanding that right mental health is the most important component of human development, to achieve and enjoy your rights and have a better social and emotional well-being.

She has also produced a film on Martyr Rights which went to the Cannes Film Festivals and won many accolades and awards for best short film awards at national and international film festivals.