Pro Bono Counseling and Psychotherapy Project by Humanising Lives, is a mission to ensure that free mental health care is provided to people who are in need, with help of mental health professionals in the comfort of your home.

The Pro Bono Counseling Project will assist students, families, couples, and individuals, who are sad, grieving, stressed, or just confused about anything and want to make a change in their life.

Please register on the given link and share as many as possible, who knows someone might need help to clear their mind and thoughts.

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Our Therapists

Swati Gupta

Hi! I’m Swati. A mental health advocate and final year master’s student in counseling psychology at Christ University, Delhi NCR. Trainee Psychologist, Humanising Lives. Deals in issues such as stress management, anxiety, building confidence, assertiveness and self esteem, handling teen issues and break-ups, premarital counseling, family issues, couple’s therapy and so forth. Inclined towards Psychodynamic framework and Animal-Assisted Interventions. A proud dog mom.

Megha Oram

“I love to travel as it gives different perspective of life. In this mortal life I’m trying to balance my karma.” 

She has worked with individuals from diverse backgrounds and ‘all walks of life’. She facilitate clients to more optimally live their lives, so that each may attain new meaningfulness, enthusiasm and personal Life-Satisfaction. 

Srinithi Raghuraman

I am a mental health advocate and trainee therapist, currently in the last lap of masters in Counselling Psychology from Christ University. Aside from being a music and travel enthusiast, I am passionate towards self-growth and would like to create a safe and healthy mental space for as many as possible. 

Mahima Singh

Mahima is pursuing a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Christ University. 

My love for psychology is well depicted in my innumerous efforts, my zeal and heartfelt love for learning. Nevertheless, my knowledge is not limited to counselling and therapy. I am an avid reader, film maker and a writer. My interest in health psychology is deep seated, and I specialise in nutrition counselling. I hold certifications in expressive arts, health engineering,psychological first aid and multiple other domains


I am M.Sc Clinical Psychology final year student well versed with community volunteering for mental health events and with 15+ months of clinical training in Delhi NCR. I have lots of energy and zeal in myself to excel and I am proficient with the knowledge about psychological aspects. I am an advanced level trained in Graphology and currently a Mental Health Blogger at social media.

Siddharth Arya

Siddharth believes in the unique gifts and immense power of love within all.

Excessive travelling, visiting communities and working with alternative organizations gave him broader lenses and understanding about the human psyche.

His biggest learning happened in unlearning and breaking his own negative patterns in life.

He has experience in interacting with all ages in different setup be it school, workshop, jail or facilitation.

So carrying diverse perspectives and understanding he believes he can work together with clients collaboratively to explore those unique gifts within.