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Meet Our Therapists

Meet our team of assistant psychologists, who work with a variety of therapeutic approaches and with several populations

Lakshita  - Lakshita.jpg

Lakshita Gupta

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Anjuli Negi

IMG-20200731-WA0040 - TAMANNA NAFIS 20224051.jpg

Tamanna Nafis

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Harsha Sindhu V

Screenshot_2022-02-07-23-03-35-530_com.google.android.apps.docs - Anubhuti Singh.jpg

Anubhuti Singh

IMG-20220207-WA0008 - Anuthi Mehta.jpg

Anushka Gupta

Jay_photo for website_HL - MATOLIA JAY NILESH 20224029.JPG

Jay Matolia

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Damini Yadav