Hello Interns


Following are the details of the Internship: 

Internship Period - 21st March onwards 

Orientation day - 21st March

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Psychology Internship

Experimential Learning

Practice Sessions

1:1 Client Exposure

1:1 Supervision

Future Job Opportunity

26 Sessions
8 Supervisions
5 Trainers
2 Months

Starting Date:
 21 March 2022 

Topics and Facilitators:

Siddharth Arya (Applied Psychologist)
Every Tuesday, 7:00pm-8:30pm

- Attitude of a therapist
- Melting away resistance
- Methods and Role-playing techniques
- Introduction to TEAM CBT
- TEAM CBT part-2
- Open Space Technology

Anuthi Mehta (Counselling Psychologist)
Every Friday, 7:00pm-8:30pm

- Role-Playing
- Importance of being vulnerable in therapy
- Resistance is the key
- Mindfulness + Creativity
- Boundaries
- Grief

Srinithi Raghuraman (Counselling Psychologist)
Every Thursday, 7:00pm-8:30pm

- Basic counselling skills
- Importance of cultural sensitivity
- Understanding personality
- Crisis intervention + dealing with suicidal clients
- Existential therapy
- Depression - A new perspective

Utkarsh Khurana (Counselling Psychologist)
Every Saturday, 12pm-1:30pm

- How to be human in a therapy session
- Intimacy between client and therapist
- Transactional analysis – Part -1
- Transactional analysis – Part-2
- Inner Child + Healing
- Self-Disclosure in a therapy session
- Content vs Context in therapy

The training program also includes:

- 2 Sessions on Clinical Psychology by Ms Sushree Sahu (Head of Psychotherapy, Humanising Lives).

- 2 pro-bono clients will be allotted to each Intern during the Training program under Supervision.

- One hour of personal supervision to each participant.

- A free copy of the book 'The Gift of Therapy'.

- Job-opportunity for selected interns (continuing therapy with the organization).

Cost of the Training Program - Rs 6500/-